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6.5 Compression Ratio Water Cooled 1000-3000kW Very Few Parts

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Marine Turbo
Model Number: TPS52E01
Detail Information
Compression Ratio: 6.5 Application: Marine
Cooling System: Water Cooling Material: High-Strength Alloy
Speed Range: 1000-4000rpm Air Flow: 1000-3000m³/h
Lubrication System: Oil Lubrication Power Range: 1000-3000kW

Product Description

Product Description:

Crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy, the marine turbocharger nozzle ring exhibits exceptional durability and reliability, even in challenging marine environments. Its circular shape allows for efficient flow dynamics, optimizing the propulsion system's overall performance.

One distinctive feature of the marine turbocharger nozzle ring is its ability to manipulate the water flow's direction and force distribution. By adjusting the ring's position or altering the internal design of the nozzle, the direction of the water flow can be controlled, enabling precise maneuverability and enhanced propulsion efficiency.


The circular design of the nozzle ring ensures a smooth and uniform flow of water through the turbocharger system, minimizing energy losses and maximizing the transfer of kinetic energy to the turbine blades. This results in improved power output and fuel efficiency, contributing to the overall performance of the marine vessel.



  • Product Name: Marine Turbocharger
  • Material: High-Strength Alloy
  • Compression Ratio: 6.5
  • Weight: 225kg
  • Lubrication System: Oil Lubrication
  • Application: Marine
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • High efficiency and long times between overhauls
  • Power output range from 500kW to 3,000kW.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Product Name Marine Turbocharger
Design Simple, modular design; Turbocharger ABB TPS52; Complete turbocharger; Variable vane geometry
Dimension 1000x1000x1000mm
Compression Ratio 6.5
Application Marine
Power Range 1000-3000kW
Lubrication System Oil Lubrication
Pressure Ratio 3.5
Exhaust Gas Temperature 550℃
Speed Range 1000-4000rpm
Cooling System Water Cooling



Marine Turbocharger ABB TPS52 is an ideal choice for marine applications. With its simple and modular design, easy to install and maintain, and a wide range of power output, it is a reliable and efficient turbocharger for all kinds of marine vessels. The model number is TPS52E01 and it is made in China. It has a lubrication system of oil lubrication and a dimension of 1000x1000x1000mm. It has a compression ratio of 6.5 and a speed range of 1000-4000rpm. Its weight is 225kg which makes it easy to transport.


The Marine Turbocharger ABB TPS52 is ideal for a variety of marine projects, ranging from fishing boats to passenger vessels. It is highly efficient and reliable, reducing emissions and fuel consumption. The turbocharger is well-suited for the harsh marine environment, with its superior corrosion protection and superior wear resistance. It is also equipped with advanced diagnostics that enable regular maintenance and troubleshooting.


Marine Turbocharger ABB TPS52 is designed to provide reliable, high-performance power for a variety of marine applications, while also reducing emissions and fuel consumption. It is easy to install and maintain, providing reliable power for a wide range of marine vessels. Its simple and modular design makes it an ideal choice for marine applications. With its superior corrosion protection and superior wear resistance, it is also well-suited for the harsh marine environment.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping: Marine Turbocharger

To ensure safe arrival of your Marine Turbocharger, we use top-quality packaging materials for the products. All our Marine Turbochargers are packaged in sturdy boxes with adequate cushioning materials to protect against any damage or mishandling. Additionally, the packages are labeled with the right product information and are sealed with a strong adhesive tape.


We offer two types of shipping services for our Marine Turbocharger. Our standard shipping service uses air cargo, and it takes about seven days for delivery. For customers who need their Marine Turbocharger to arrive immediately, we offer express shipping service. The express shipping service uses air freight and takes only three days for delivery.



Q1: What is the Brand Name of Marine Turbocharger?

A1: The Brand Name of Marine Turbocharger is Marine Turbo.

Q2: What is the Model Number of Marine Turbocharger?

A2: The Model Number of Marine Turbocharger is TPS52E01.

Q3: Where is Marine Turbocharger manufactured?

A3: Marine Turbocharger is manufactured in China.

Q4: What are the features of Marine Turbocharger?

A4: Marine Turbocharger has features such as low-noise operation, low fuel consumption, fast start-up, and stable performance.

Q5: How to maintain the Marine Turbocharger?

A5: To maintain the Marine Turbocharger, regularly inspect the oil and air filters, and clean or replace them as necessary. Additionally, frequently check the turbocharger for any leaks or damage, and if necessary, contact an authorized service center to repair or replace the parts.

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