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T-VTR160 Turbo Nozzle Ring

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Marine Turbo
Certification: ISO; CCS; GL
Model Number: T-VTR304
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Packaging Details: Carton box, wood case
Delivery Time: 1-4 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs / month
Detail Information
Model: T-VTR160 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring Type 2: Diesel Engine Turbocharger Parts
Fuel: Diesel And Gas Turbine Type: Single-stage Axial Turbine
Compressor Type: Radial Compressor Bearing Type: External Bearing
High Light:

turbo nozzle ring


nozzle ring used in turbocharger


T-VTR160 Turbo Nozzle Ring

Product Description


T-VTR160 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 

  1. The T-VTR series turbocharger is developed to match with two-stroke low-speed and four-stroke medium-speed heavy duty diesel engine and gas engine.
  2. The engine power output range from 700 kW to 18,500 kW per each T-VTR turbocharger.
  3. The T-VTR series turbocharges is consisted of single-stage axial turbines and radial compressors.
  4. Easy maintained external bearings.
  5. The T-VTR 4 series is capable of high pressure-charging, the pressure ratio from 3.7 even to 4.2.
  6. Uncooled gas casings are available which can be an alternative to water-cooled gas casing.
  7. The rotor runs in spring-mounted roling-contact bearings, and each bearing has its own lubrication system and oil cooling system.
  8. The rotor shaft can be removed in four easy steps without disconnect any air, gas or water pipes.

T-VTR Series types include:


T-ABB T-VTR 0 Series T-VTR 1 Series T-VTR 4 Series
T-VTR160 T-VTR161 T-VTR214
T-VTR200 T-VTR201 T-VTR254
T-VTR250 T-VTR251 T-VTR304
T-VTR320 T-VTR321 T-VTR354
T-VTR400 T-VTR401 T-VTR454
T-VTR500 T-VTR501 T-VTR564
T-VTR630 T-VTR631 T-VTR714


The definition of  turbo compressor wheel / compressor impeller:

  • The compressor wheel/compressor impeller is of aluminium alloy or the more expensive titanium.
  • Manufactured from a single casting it is located on the rotor shaft by splines.
  • Aluminium impellers have a limited life, due to creep, which is dictated by the final air temperature.
  • Often the temperature of air leaving the impeller can be as high as 200°C.
  • The life of the impeller under these circumstances may be limited to about 70000 hours.
  • To extend the life, air temperatures must be reduced. One way of achieving this is to draw the air from outside where the ambient air temperature is below that of the engine room.
  • Efficient filtration and separation to remove water droplets is essential and the impeller will have to be coated to prevent corrosion accelerated by the possible presence of salt water.

T-VTR304 compressor wheel location picture:

T-VTR160 Turbo Nozzle Ring 0


Brief introduction of Marine turbocharger:

Moban 3-1 independently: The marine turbocharger, also known as exhaust gas turbocharger, is the main equipment in the diesel engine boosting system. It consists of a single-stage exhaust gas turbine and a centrifugal compressor. They are mounted on the same shaft to form the moving part of the marine turbocharger/exhaust gas turbocharger - the rotor. The function of the marine turbocharger/exhaust gas turbocharger is to use the diesel exhaust energy to drive the turbine to drive the compressor on the coaxial to increase the air pressure into the cylinder, so that the diesel engine power is greatly improved. The exhaust turbocharger approximately doubles the power of the diesel engine, but its weight is only increased 10%.


Brief profile for Marine Turbo Company:

Marine Turbo has been specialized in turbocharger spare parts replacement for Marine, drilling and Mining industry for more than 20 years since 1999, serving hundreds and thousands customers from the whole world with premium quality product and quick service on offering and delivery. Marine Turbo has more than 100 models for customers to choose quickly which suitable for T-MAN, T-ABB, T-KBB, T-MET, T-IHI and other brands of turbocharger spare parts replacement. Among them, 90% of the product model Marine Turbo has inventory, can meet the turbocharger maintenance, repair or overhaul needs for various brands with a quick response and a reasonable price.



​Marine Turbo also can provide product customization services to meet the personalized needs of customers. According to the sample or drawings provided by customers, Marine Turbo can process and manufacture the corresponding products in order to provide customers with sound-quality products at low cost.

Marine Turbo supply marine turbocharger replacement parts:

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Marine Turbo supply a wide range of marine turbocharger spare parts replacements in marine, drilling and mining industry: marine turbocharger complete, compressor wheel / impeller, turbine shaft, cartridge, rotor complete, bearing assembly, nozzle ring, diffuser, cover ring, oil pump, sealing bush, compressor housing, bearing housing, turbine casing, silencer, service kits, tools, etc....


According to customers’ requirements, Marine Turbo can offer the marine turbocharger replacement parts suitable for the following Brands and models:

T-ABB T-VTR“0”“1”“4”, P/D/E          
T-RR151 T-RR181        
T-A145-M T-A170        
T-MAN T-NR12/S T-NR15/R T-NR17/S T-NR20 T-NR20/R T-NR20/S
T-NR24/R T-NR24/S T-NR26/R T-NR29/S T-NR34/S  
T-NA34T/34S TNA40T/40S T-NA48T/48S T-NA57T/57T9 T-NA70T/70T9  
T-TCR12 T-TCR16 T-TCR18 T-TCR20 T-TCR22  
T-TCA44 T-TCA55 T-TCA66 T-TCA77 T-TCA88  
T-MET83SE T-MET83SEII        
T-KBB T-HPR3000 T-HPR4000 T-HPR5000 T-HPR6000    
ST5 SERIES          
T-HRBR3-2 T-HRBR4-3        
T-IHI T-RH133 T-RH143 T-RH163 T-RH183 T-RH203  
T-RU110 T-RU120        

Marine Turbo also can supply some types of T/C Complete, sucah as T-RH133/163, T-AT14, T-TCR12, T-TD08H, etc.

Currently, Marine Turbo has stock for original new turbocharger complete: T-RH143 1 pc, T-RH163 1 pc , T-RH183 1pc; and also has the stock for secondary-hand turbocharger complete: T-VTR714D 3 pcs;T-NA57T7 2 pcs,T-NA48/S 1 pc,T-NA48/T 2 pcs,T-MET66SD 1 pc.

Applications of marine turbocharger replacement parts:

Marine Turbo's turbocharger replacement parts help to power all types of ships, large and small, including container ships, tankers, cargo vessels, cruise ships, tugboats, etc., and also drilling diesel engine, mining machinery with diesel engine.

Quality Assurance of marine turbocharger replacement parts:

All Marine Turbo products must pass all of our strict Quality Assurance procedures and standards, both on receipt from our suppliers, and before dispatch to our many and valued customers. All units are supplied with a full test report and balance report.
Marine Turbo factory has passed the ISO9000 Quality Management System certificate in 2001, and most of turbocharger replacement parts are certificated by CCS and GL.


Marine Turbo remains at your full disposal for any further inquiries or questions.


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