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Marine Turbo Service

Marine Turbo Service Marine Turbo Service Marine Turbo Service Marine Turbo Service Marine Turbo Service
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Marine Turbo Service
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: Worldwide
Brands: Marine Turbo
No. of Employees: 100~150
Annual Sales: 10 million-15 million
Year Established: 1999
Export p.c: 80% - 90%
About Us

Marine Turbo factory, founded in 1999, is a professional manufacturer for marine turbocharger replacement spare parts and components.

The Marine Turbo workshop, occupying more than 18,000 square meters, is located in Yangtze river delta region which is close to the international metropolis, Shanghai China. The company owns more than 100 units of manufacturing equipment and testing instruments, such as CAD, precision casting production line, four axis and five axis machining center, three coordinate measuring instrument, CNC lathe milling machine, metal cutting equipment with nondestructive flaw detection, etc.
With the advanced mechanical processing technology, Marine Turbo is fully in accordance with the strictly production process control method of military products to manage the production line in the workshop in order to manufacture the high quality of turbocharger replacement parts. In the mean time, Marine Turbo factory introduce and absorb the latest technology at home and abroad that the factory independently develops the various types of turbocharger components and which are applied for engineering machinery and marine auxiliary machinery, such as the turbine blades, turbine shaft, compressor impeller, diffuser, oil pump, nozzle, etc.
The Company has also supplied nearly hundred kinds of engine parts for US client's yatchs production, and several creative technologies have been recorded in our domestic marine manufacturing industry.

In order to provide the reliable products, the company has passed the ISO9000 Quality Management System certificate in 2001, and also most of the products are certificated by CCS (China Classification Society Certification) and GL (Germanischer Lloyd).
Satisfying customers with supreme quality and reliable services for marine turbocharger replacement parts is the aim across the whole Marine Turbo company.

Marine Turbo Keep a Large Inventory for Quick Delivery

Marine Turbo has more than 100 models for customers to choose quickly which suitable for T- MAN, T- ABB, T- KBB, T- Mitsubishi, T- IHI and other brands of turbocharger spare parts replacement. Among them, 90% of the product models Marine Turbo has the inventory, can meet the turbocharger overhaul, maintenance and repair needs for various brands with a quick response and reasonable price.
According to the feedback and sales situation of customers seasonally and yearly, our company analyzes and make the turbocharger replacement parts’ production plan, in order that our company can keep the inventory for common spare parts all the time, while as for some non-common parts, we will keep the long-term inventory of semi-finished products.
The purpose to build our large inventory is to save time for customers’ waiting for repairing spare parts as much as possible, so that to help customers resume operations as soon as possible, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of competition.

We recommend that customers can make the plans to establish a small stock for your own to minimize the time lost as much as possible.

Marine Turbo look for the professional local distributor for turbocharger replacement parts around each country of the world.

Marine Turbo products has sold to all over the world. From the feedback from various places, we have been highly recognized for the quality of our products and delivery time. However, in order to better serve the local market, we are looking for professional turbochargers aftermarket parts distributors in different countries of the world, so as to establish a local inventory chain through cooperation and assessment for a certain period of time.
The aim to build local chain is to enable end users to shorten the waiting time for the turbocharger spare parts as much as possible, then to save costs and improve the market competition effectiveness for end users.



​Marine Turbo Company already has two decades history in serving global customers with premium product quality and quick service on turbocharger replacement parts offering and delivery.

  • In 1999, Marine Turbo factory was established with 18,000m² workshop professionally to manufacture marine turbocharger replacement spare parts and components.

  • In 2001, Marine Turbo factory passed the ISO9000 Quality Management System certificate.

  • From then on, Marine Turbo Company specialize in manufacturing the marine turbocharger replacement parts in order to meet the increasing demands for various types, spare parts quality and quick delivery time.

  • Marine Turbo Company has sold the turbocharger replacement parts to the whole world, such as USA, UK, Colombia, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Greece, Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, etc.


With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Marine Turbo supply a wide range of marine turbocharger spare parts replacements (more than 100 types) for customers' needs, such as: marine turbocharger complete, compressor wheel / impeller, turbine shaft / rotor shaft, cartridge, rotor complete, bearing assembly, nozzle ring, diffuser, cover ring, compressor housing, bearing housing, turbine casing, silencer, service kits, sealing bush, turbocharger tools, etc....

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T- ABB T- VTR“0”“1”“4”, P/D/E
T- TPS44D/E/F T- TPS48D/E/F T- TPS52D/E/F T- TPS57D/E/F T- TPS61D/E/F  
T- TPL65 T- TPL69 T- TPL73 T- TPL77 T- TPL80 T- TPL85
T- RR151 T- RR181        
T- A145-M T- A170        
T- MAN T- NR12/S T- NR15/R T- NR17/S T- NR20 T- NR20/R T- NR20/S
T- NR24/R T- NR24/S T- NR26/R T- NR29/S T- NR34/S  
T- NA34T/34S T- NA40T/40S T- NA48T/48S T- NA57T/57T9 T- NA70T/70T9  
T- TCR12 T- TCR16 T- TCR18 T- TCR20 T- TCR22  
T- TCA44 T- TCA55 T- TCA66 T- TCA77 T- TCA88  
T- MET T- MET18SRC T- MET26SR T- MET30SR      
T- KBB T- HPR3000 T- HPR4000 T- HPR5000 T- HPR6000    
T- ST5 SERIES          
T- HRBR3-2 T- HRBR4-3        
T- IHI T- RH133 T- RH143 T- RH163 T- RH183 T- RH203  
T- AT14          
T- RU110 T- RU120        
T- Napier T- NHP15 T- NHP18 T- NHP20 T- NHP23 T- NHP25 T- NHP25A
T- NHP30 T- NHP35        
T- NHP180C T- NHP297 T- NHP355      

The turbocharger replacement parts and components which Marine Turbo offered are suitable for customers’ requirements on T- ABB turbo, T- MAN supercharger, T- Mitsubishi turbocharger, T- KBB turbocharger, T- IHI Turbo and so on. The above list for turbocharger types are as per reference.

Marine Turbo also can supply some types of T/C complete, such as the types T- RH133/163, T- AT14, T- TCR12, T- TD08H, etc. Currently, Marine Turbo has the stock for original new turbocharger complete for T- RH143 1 pc, T- RH163 1 pc , T- RH183 1pc; and also has the stock for secondary-hand turbocharger complete: T- VTR714D 3 pcs;T- NA57T7 2 pcs,T- NA48/S 1 pc,T- NA48/T 2 pcs,T- MET66SD 1 pc.

The Services That Marine Turbo Company Can Provide:

  • 20+ years’ experience of manufacturing
  • 365 days warranty
  • 24 hours response
  • Reliable quality
  • Cost-effective
  • Customize service according to customer's sample or drawing
  • Small MOQ
  • Fast delivery time

Our Team

Marine Turbo team always regard the premium product quality and quick response to customers as our company motto.

Our customers is the core of  Marine Turbo Company Team. All our team activities are finally related to service well to our customers with good quality of products, while inside of our team, each department is not independent to each other, but linked and worked together efficiently.

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